Real Estate Investments Simplified w/ Technology Webinar


July 1st – 4 PM EST

Discover how FlippBidd is about to revolutionize the real estate investment community with its pioneering application. Learn how to manage acquisitions, dispositions, and property research on the FLY!

In addition to these groundbreaking features, FlippBidd is offering a monthly recurring commission for any referrals that sign up to the app and signing up is totally FREE!

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Benefits of being an affiliate

Monthly recurring commissions

FlippBidd is offering a monthly recurring commission for any referrals that sign up to his App. Real Estate Investors can sign up for free.

Share this ground-breaking app 

Your community wil be able to upload off-market/private deals and showcase them to thousands of investors.

You can also find off-market/private deals from the wholesalers and sellers, connect with them seamlessly via in-app messaging/call features and negotiate directly.

Stay on the cutting edge

With FlippBidd’s “One Touch” you can pull property reports and comps of any property in the United States in just a matter of seconds.

Skip-trace properties and seamlessly call and text owners on the fly.

PLUS… Get an exclusive overview of flippbidd

Make sure to install the app on your smartphone device for FREE by clicking on the following link: and follow along with the founder & CEO during the demo.

Ken Singh – Webinar Presentor

CEO of FlippBidd

Ken is an out-of-the-box thinker with twenty years background in software and technology, and the last 15 years in real estate sales and investments. As he became experienced in the real estate industry, he saw that the industry was lagging far behind the rest of the world in the creation and adoption of truly useful technology. All the real estate tech solutions that were available to Real Estate Investors, Brokers, Wholesalers seemed to provide similar solutions just packaged in a different user interface.

There is more to PropTech than just public records data and trying to replace brokers with software or AI. He understands that we don’t need to cut another slice from brokerage commissions. In fact, Ken Singh wants to empower real estate specialists with more accurate data, tools and the technology framework to handle their data to day investment operations with a complete out of the box solution. He has spent 7 years meticulously creating a platform that allows not only to locate real estate investments but backs his userbase with the ability to discuss, gather and exchange data on these investments directly through a tech eco-system that benefits anyone and everyone within the Real Estate Industry.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to take a quantum leap in your real estate business

We look forward to seeing you online!

FLIPPBIDD Features/Functions


Crowdsourced Business Model

FlippBidd is powered by our community not some warehouse in the Cloud.


Intuitive/Interactive Interface

Modern design and user experience for the real estate investment community.



Control Investment Upload, Showcase, Edit, Delete, Mark Under Contract and sell to who you want. Entire Network, One to One or Many Verified Investors DIRECT.



Source Off-Market/Private Deals DIRECT for our Community of users, Not leads from a MLS/Public Records data warehouse.


Investment Research

Search full Property Data, Ownership Data, Mortgage Data, Sales Comps/ARV’s and more in a Single Click.



Connect with our community of users seamlessly via our In-App messaging and Calling.



Full SkipTracing capability, with In-App Calling and Emailing to occupants or homeowners.


Real Time Notifications

Get 10+ Real Time Notifications when New Deals are uploaded by our community, when your property is viewed, when receiving calls, messages and other forms of communication thru App Messages, Texts and Emails.


Verified Investor License

Free license giving you access to Contract Holders DIRECTLY and full control of your buy box weekly with our Find My Deal feature.

Pro Plus + License Coming 2024


Virtual Tours

Showcase and do a walkthrough of your investment via a Live Stream for Investors Nationally.


Property Reports

Get A Full Property Report from DataTree (A First American Title Data Company) full of property info, sales comps, nearby listings, AVM, liens & judgements and More…


RSVP Attendee List

Get a full list of attendees with Names, Email Addresses, Phone Numbers and Location for Follow Up.


Social Media Integration

Upload your Virtual Tour of your investment to all your Social Media URL’s (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and TikTok) right from the App in a Single Click.

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