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What Most REIs DON’T KNOW About Copywriting, But NEED TO FIND OUT!

Discover how to get a consistent flow of motivated seller leads and discover why you may possibly be leaving tens of thousands of dollars sitting on the table, and how to fix the problem!








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February 22nd, 2024




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What You Will Learn In This Webinar


Uncover the Real Estate Investor's Hidden Weapon!

Learn why 95% of real estate investors fail and how to break free from the cycle of disappointment.


Escape the Vicious Cycle of Marketing Misery!

 Explore the 3 big reasons most real estate investors struggle and how to overcome them.


Revolutionize Your Real Estate Game with Copywriting!

Understand the impact of bad copy on your business and learn the art of persuasive communication.


Say Goodbye to Hamster Wheel Marketing (Cold Calling, Door Knocking, and Wasted Advertising):

Discover the secrets powerful sales copy that attracts motivated sellers without wasting money on ineffective advertising.


The Power of Blogging

Learn about the power of blogging to get a ton of motivated seller leads. 


Convert Your Leads On Autopilot

Once you get leads, fix your lead management leaky bucket, and convert more of them on autopilot with powerful follow drip sequences. 

What You Will Get In This Webinar

The Simple 3 Steps To Writing Stories That Make Motivated Sellers Call You!

The 11 Biggest Copywriting Mistakes Most Real Estate Investors Make - And How To Avoid Them!

The 5-Minute System For Writing Powerful Headlines That Make Unhappy Property Owners Want To Read Every Single Word Of Your Marketing Materials.

The 5 Things You Need To Know BEFORE Asking ChaGPT To Write One Single Word Of Sales Copy For You!

The 6 Little Known Ways To Push The Emotional “Hot Buttons” Of Solution Seeking Property Owners, And Persuade Them To Take The Action You Want Them To Take!

REI Bonus Pack which includes:

  • Free Wholesaling Course
  • Start a Wholesaling Business with No Money, No Contacts, and No Resources!
  • The Ultimate Guide to ChatGPT Equations for Real Estate Investing
  • The Complete Guide How to Start and Run a Real Estate Investment Business
  • The 5 Must-Implement Real Estate Investing Tools for Business Scale
  • Power of Passive Investing & How To Retire Rich
  • And much more!

Your Hosts

“The REI Marketing Guy”

Rufus Thibodeaux

Rufus Thibodeaux is a real estate investing copywriter & marketing consultant with 29 years of experience and over $350 million in sales generated for himself and his clients.

Today, he’s on a mission to help frustrated real estate wholesalers and fix & flippers to replace cold prospecting PAIN, with inbound marketing PLEASURE. And to help them to stop (or avoid) using common, but “deadly” marketing methods that cause them to unknowingly waste money, miss out on potential new deals, and literally put the life of their business, and their financial future at risk! Which is one of main reasons why 95% of real estate investors fail, or make less money than they could (and should) be making!

Stop following the crowd like sheep to the slaughter, and contact Rufus to find out how he can help you to avoid becoming another REI failure victim!

“Direct Response Copywriter”

Paul Docampo

Paul started in 2016 wholesaling, and flipping mobile homes and land into notes. By circumstance, he also discovered the world of copywriting and marketing where his first client in 2017 was Investor Carrot. Since then, he’s been writing and consulting professionally for coaches, software companies, and service providers in the REI space. Today he’s merged his expertise in copywriting and marketing and created a company called OmniDrip, which helps direct-to-seller investors convert more leads into deals using a copy-driven follow-up drip system on near autopilot.

“The King Of Connections”

Patrick Yepez

Patrick Yepez is an active Real Estate Investor and owner of Florida Express Home Buyers. For years, he has specialized in buying distressed properties, rehabbing them and either holding them as rentals or reselling them to investors, landlords and retail home buyers.

He has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of real estate as a Broker-owner, real estate investor, landlord, developer and builder and has taken part in thousands of real estate transactions throughout his career.

When he is not closing real estate deals he dedicates his time to his second passion, Dream Big Digital Products LLC a tech innovation lab. Dream Big Digital Products offers valuable digital products and builds digital apps to help real estate investors reach their REI goals.

Attending This Eye-Opening Free Webinar Will Be The Best Thing You Do All Year!

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